Trustee Department

The question of securing the future of a valuable collection of stamps, coins, banknotes, postcards, cigarette cards or medals is one that has worried collectors for many years.

Sadly, however, very few make formal provision for the disposal of their collection on their death. All too often the problems of winding-up an estate overwhelms the question of what to do with an apparently insignificant item like a stamp collection. Sometimes the true value of a collection is not appreciated and disposal may be by the quickest and most easily accessible way - perhaps to the local non-specialised auction house. Worse still is the not infrequent practice of giving a prized collection to children who cannot know its merit.

It was to solve this problem that Warwick & Warwick - long established auctioneers and private treaty specialists - set up a unique Trustee Department as a service to collectors. The aim is to provide collectors, and others, with a confidential service that guarantees the future of their collections.

The services of the Trustee Department are available not only to collectors but also to solicitors, executors and other professional advisers who may be involved in the disposal of an estate. Complete confidentiality is, of course, observed.

How The Trustee Department Looks After Your Interests

We have instituted a unique Register of collections. All a collector has to do is to advise us of the details of his stamps, coins, postcards, cigarette cards or medals on a simple form. We then enter the details in the confidential Register. Once the property is registered the owner is provided with labels which explain that details of the collection will be found in the Warwick & Warwick Trustee Department Register. These labels stress that details of the owner's wishes for the future of the collection are held in the Trustee Department Register.

Absolute Security

The Trustee Department Register is completely confidential. We guarantee that any information on the Register will be confidential to Warwick & Warwick and the collector.

Advisory Service For Professional Advisers

Frequently collectables pose problems for executors or professional advisers. The Warwick & Warwick Trustee Department will provide a uniquely expert source of information and advice.

A Completely Free Service

The Trustee Department and its associated Register and services are provided to collectors, and others, completely free of charge. As with all other Warwick & Warwick services, confidential help and advice is always available.

How To Register Your Collection

If you would like to register your collection please fill out the form below. Upon receipt of your enquiry we will contact you and as soon as we have processed the details, the collection will be registered and Trustee Department Register labels sent to you.